I believe that authentic, elegantly captured moments are the essence of wedding photography and my approach reflects this.

It is a true joy to capture beautiful moments that reflect each couple's unique relationship. I love working alongside couples to capture beautiful images, and always favour the perfect moment over the perfect pose.

This approach allows me to capture your unique love story in all its beauty. I focus on capturing authentic moments to create timeless, natural images that you will cherish.

Part of my role as your photographer is also to act as "creative director", ensuring that the images I capture are flattering and elegant. This allows you to relax and focus on taking in all the joy of your wedding day in the knowledge that I will making sure you'll adore your wedding photos - exactly as it should be!

Rather than asking you to pull stiff poses, I work with you to create moments that unfold naturally. Not only is this more comfortable for you, it creates moments that are graceful whilst still reflecting your personality fully. I'm proud to capture relaxed, joyful moments that capture you elegantly and authentically.

Finding a photographer whose approach works for you is so important. If you have any questions about my approach do get in touch and we can chat in more detail.

""These are absolutely stunning!! Thank you so so much for being our photographer and taking such beautiful photos of moments I didn't even know happened. Really really beautiful and really grateful!!""

—Iman & Johnny

My inspiration stems from a love of light and my passion for travel.

I am always seeking beautiful locations and fleeting moments to capture. Both my fiancée and I love travel, and have a particular fondness for Provence. The soft colours of this beautiful region have definitely influenced my style. The couples I am fortunate enough to photograph are also a constant source of inspiration. Each wedding is wonderfully unique, and every couple's relationship and interactions continue to inspire me. Particularly during the pandemic, long walks on Sunday afternoons are also a great pleasure.

Based out of Berkshire, I'm available for weddings throughout the UK and beyond. Every love story deserves to be captured and cherished, and I work with couples of all gender and sexual identities, ethnicities and religions.

If you'd like me to capture your wedding, I'd love to hear from you and arrange a time to chat.

In 2016, I relocated to Gothenburg, Sweden for a role in biotechnology. I wanted to capture my experiences living abroad, and was gifted my first camera by my parents. Photography soon developed from a way to document my travels into a passion for capturing beautiful images and precious moments. I met my now fiancée during this year in Sweden and love looking back on the memories we captured together during this time!

Capturing love stories is now my pleasure and my passion. Alongside photographing weddings and couples, I continue to capture beautiful scenes and precious moments with my fiancée, both at home and on our continued travels. Our most recent trip was a short getaway to Paris, where we got engaged, and we're travelling to the Maldives in 2022. Other places high on my list at the moment are Italy (I'd love to explore some of the lesser-known coastal towns near Milan) and San Francisco.

"Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second."

—Marc Riboud

Another of my passions is education.

I was fortunate enough to attend wonderful schools and went on to complete both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. If it weren't for this, I wouldn't have moved to Gothenburg, owned my first camera or met my fiancée.

Education opens up so many opportunities and transforms lives. With this in mind, I have committed to donate 10% of all profits to United World Schools (UWS). UWS works with local communities in some of the world’s poorest regions to give every child access to quality, inclusive education. Their sustainable approach to education fosters generational, long-term change. UWS currently works with communities in Myanmar, Cambodia and Nepal. You can read more about the amazing work UWS is doing here.

My favourite things


Cassis is the hidden gem of the French Riviera. The locals have a saying: "Qui a vu Paris et pas Cassis, n'a rien vu", which translates to, "If you've seen Paris but not Cassis, you haven't lived".
The beautiful village is surrounded by stunning coastal walks and fabulous vineyards. If you're fortunate enough to visit this quaint village, the wine bar on Rue Dr Séverin Icard is the perfect place to relax after a day spent exploring the local area.


For me, nothing beats a fresh seafood! I love mussels, but the best fish I've ever had was Arctic char in Scandinavia.


My perfect day starts with fresh coffee and ends with champagne. Coffee from OCC in Newcastle takes me back to my time studying there, and I'm particularly fond of Laurent Perrier when it comes to Champagne. We always have a bottle or two at home ready for any celebration!

Part of the wedding day

It's so difficult to choose, because I love different parts of the wedding day for different reasons. If I had to pick, I think I'd say your bridal (and groom) portraits in the morning. Taking a few moments before your first look or ceremony is a wonderful moment of calm, and I love how the anticipation for the wedding shines through in these images. Taking this time gives you a moment to take everything in and we have the opportunity to create such special photographs.

If you're interested in working with me, please do get in touch. To ensure I can fully invest in each couple, I limit the numbers of weddings I capture each year to 15. I currently have some availability remaining for 2022, and my calendar is open for 2023.