A few times a year, a list of the best questions to ask your wedding photographer is published, and it surprises me to see this one...

These lists often contain some great questions, but surprisingly often they include a question along the lines of "what camera do you use?" However, this never feels like an important question to being ask your wedding photographer.

The first draft of this post went into the technical detail of why we photographers choose certain cameras, but I realised that actually missed the point I was wanting to make with this, so here's the second draft!

There are so many different cameras available on the market - having switched brand in 2021 I know first hand just how many options there are! The thing is, I could create very similar images with just about any camera with an interchangeable lens system. Whether that camera is film or digital, DSLR or mirrorless, new to the market or 10 years old doesn't hugely change the final image I could create.

However, the cameras I use make it easier for me to create those results. What I look for is a camera that I can trust. I want to know that when I have composed a beautiful moment that my couple will love, and I then tell the camera to capture it, it will do so. The cameras I use are the ones where that's easiest for me - they're comfortable in my hands, focus the way that works for me and I know that when I press that shutter they'll capture what I'm picturing.

The only time it might be worth asking your photographer what camera they use is if you have plans for a particularly large print of one of your wedding images. That being said, most cameras now have at least 12 MP sensors, which allows you to print high resolution images that are at least 20x15 inches. The cameras I use have 24 MP sensors, which means I can create 32x24 inch fine art prints with ease (roughly A1).

Choosing the person you want to entrust to capture your wedding day is a big decision, and I don't be any means want to suggest not asking them questions to ensure you've made the right choice.

However, if you love somebody's images and trust them to capture your wedding and to do so in a way you will enjoy, don't let the camera they use change your mind!

As I mentioned above, I upgraded my kit in 2021 and switched brands in the process. This wasn't because the old brand was no good, simply that the new brand freed me up creatively.

In the process of switching, whilst I was familiarising myself with the new camera, I captured a few weddings using one old and one new camera. I've shared a few pairs of images below where one was captured with my old camera and one with the new. As you'll see, there really isn't a huge difference in the end result!

Fine art wedding photographer
Fine art wedding photographer
Cotswolds wedding photographer
Cotswolds wedding photographer