In the months leading up to your wedding, you invest so much time planning all of the details, to create the look your dream of for your wedding - from your wedding shoes and jewellery, to the stationery suite that will be your guest's first glimpse of your wedding day.

All of these beautiful details deserve to be captured for your wedding album. I typically capture these during preparations in the morning, shortly after arriving. My couples are often in the midst of hair and make-up when I arrive, so I always suggest having the details you'd like captured ready and to one side - this way you don't have to think about them on your wedding morning.

The details that matter to you are unique and this is simply my recommendation of those which most couples choose to have. This list should give you a place to start - add to it as your heart desires!


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Wedding Shoes

Choosing your wedding shoes is an experience so many brides cherish - whether you decide on a specialist bridal shoe designer like Bella Belle or Emmy London, or a classic designer like Manolo Blahnik or Louboutin, your wedding shoes are always something I love to capture for my couples.

The best thing to do is have these safely in their box - typically I'll capture these images in the bridal suite, but having them boxed up is ideal if the next room over has perfect light.

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Bridal Jewellery (including your Engagement Ring)

This might seem like an obvious one - having all of your bridal jewellery in one place is a great idea - that way I can capture it in flatlays, then be there to capture those beautiful final preparation images of you putting your jewellery on.

Your engagement ring is an important one to remember for this too - it's also a great reminder to switch it across to your right hand after I've captured it, ready for your ceremony!

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Stationery Suite

Your save the date or wedding invitation is typically your guest's first glimpse into your wedding day - it can set the scene for your guests, from hints towards your florals and colour theme to giving them an insight into the aesthetic of your wedding day. With that in mind, I always love to capture flatlays that include your stationery. Create flatlays with some loose florals and your jewellery are so beautiful - something I always love to dedicate some time to at the beginning of your wedding day.

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Wedding Dress

This one doesn't particularly need any preparation, but definitely deserves its place on this list! Capturing your wedding dress in the bridal suite before you step into it to walk down the aisle is such an iconic shot. Need I say any more...

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Bouquet and some loose florals

Florals are often such a key element of weddings - with your bridal bouquet being central to this. After your florist has delivered it and you've taken a few moments to admire it, I love to capture it in all its glory.

In addition, ask your florist if they can deliver a handful of loose florals too - these add texture and detail to your wedding flatlays, which adds to the story your final gallery and album tell.

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Anything Special to You

I know I've already mentioned this, but it deserves saying again - the most important part of capturing your wedding day is to capture the moments and details that matter most to you.

I always love to discover the details that are unique to each bride - whether it's your late grandmother's broach on your bouquet, your something blue or a gift from your husband- or wife-to-be, I always love introducing these additional details to create the images that matter most to you!


Wedding details very much aren't just for the brides - as a groom you will no doubt have details that you've curated for your wedding day that equally deserve their place in your wedding gallery.

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Shoes aren't just for your bride - so often my groom's have picked out a pair of shoes specially for the occasion. Church's are a favourite of many grooms because they're renowned for their comfort and they have a great guide to wedding shoes on their website too. Other places worth looking are Barker, Oliver Sweeney or even Louboutin.

Just remember that if you go for shoes with a leather sole, make sure your wear them in in advance. If you'd like images of them before doing so let me know and myself or my team will get these captured soon after we arrive (the best way to wear in leather soles is a brief wander over a rough surface like gravel!).

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Gentlemen's Accessories (Jewellery)

The first things that come to mind might be your watch and cufflinks, but tie pins, dress studs and lapel pins are great options to consider too. If you're thinking about treating yourself to something special, Michael Rose is a favourite of mine in London (and if you're not yet engaged, they have some stunning engagement rings too).

I always love images of these together with your shoes and maybe even your tie/bow tie - it really begins to create the story of your wedding preparations.

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These are essentially the same thing, but depending on which side of the pond you're from the chances are you'll recognise one name or the other - for simplicity, let's go with "bout." here!

We can capture this with your other wedding details in flatlays and after it has been pinned to your lapel. A bonus tips for grooms - check how your florist would recommend fixing your bout. to your suit and if you're having any grooms-women or getting bouts. for any of the ladies let your florist know as magnets can work far better on dresses than pins (as can body tape if needed, but how I know that is a story for another day!).

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Wedding Rings

Traditionally, the groom will entrust both wedding rings to their best man ahead of the ceremony. Before giving them to your best man, put them to one side with your other wedding details ready to be captured. I can then either return them to you or pass them directly to your best man for safekeeping.

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Suit (& Tie)

More and more grooms are adding unique touches to their suits - from bespoke linins to custom embroidery, this is such a lovely touch. If you've gone for anything like this let me know and I'll be sure to capture it for your wedding album.

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Anything else

Your probably know the drill by now: this list will give you something to work off - make a copy and adapt it to reflect your wedding day.

To keep things simple on your wedding morning, but whichever details you decide are important to you together somewhere ahead of your wedding day, so you're not having to think about it on your wedding morning.

The columns with pictures are great for a blog post, but don't translate seamlessly into your wedding planning notes. Below are lists ready to be copied over, each including a first blank bullet point to get your started on making these lists your own - happy planning!


  • Wedding Shoes;
  • Bridal Jewellery (including your Engagement Ring);
  • Stationery Suite;
  • Bouquet (and optionally some Loose Florals);
  • Wedding Dress


  • Shoes;
  • Gentlemen's Accessories (watch, cufflinks, etc.);
  • Buttonhole/Boutonniere;
  • Wedding Rings;
  • Suit (& Tie);