First things first, if you've just gotten engaged, congratulations!

I'm so excited for you, and I hope these tips will help you to savour every moment of being newly engaged!

I proposed to my now wife in Paris a few years back and both our engagement weekend and the weeks that followed were so special. It can also feel somewhat overwhelming at times, with everybody having questions and thoughts. I hope these few tips can help you create the post-engaged feeling you desire and aid in beginning wedding planning in a way that will be joyous and not at all stressful!

1 - Take it all in

This is definitely the most important thing - enjoy the moments and feeling of being newly engaged! The wedding planning and having answers to peoples' questions can very much wait - before any of that make the most of celebrating with your new fiancé(e)!

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2 - Celebrate!

This somewhat leads on from my previous tip - celebrate your new engagement! There are so many fantastic ways you can do this, so you can choose those that suit you best.

We recently attended some friends' engagement party at a local restaurant, and when we got engaged we surprised our parents in the Cotswolds for a weekend of long walks, superb food and champagne.

If you're looking for somewhere picturesque in the Cotswolds to celebrate, Ellenborough Park and Tortworth Court are both great choices!

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3 - Book an engagement photoshoot

This is also a great time to book an engagement photoshoot. I always love hearing why couples choose the location for their engagement session as there's so much sentiment. Whether it's where you got engaged, your favourite spot for a Sunday afternoon walk or your favourite holiday destination, choosing somewhere meaningful gives you such special images to celebrate your engagement. One of these images can also make a great engagement announcement or "Save the Date" card.

4 - Talk about the wedding you both envision

Thinking about the big picture of your wedding is a wonderful place to start when you're ready to start wedding planning. Why not open a bottle of wine and spend an evening chatting about your dream wedding - do you see yourself getting married in a country house, a London ballroom, or even an Italian villa or French chateau?

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5 - Start planning

Once you have chatted about the big picture, you can start planning the details of your wedding celebrations. A great place to start with this is chatting about how many guests you'd like to invite. This doesn't mean putting down a precise guest list, but whether you're having 20 or 200 guests has a big impact on which venue you choose and your wedding budget. Once you have a handle on this you can start arranging venue viewing and speaking to suppliers. Of course, if you have your heart set on particular suppliers, it's never too early to reach out!

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Above all, enjoy it and do it at your own pace! Planning your wedding can be such a joyful experience and one that will bring you closer as a couple.

Congratulations again and happy planning! Check out other posts on wedding planning below, or get in touch if you'd like to book an engagement session or talk about your wedding!


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