Amy & Tom

Halte en Cocagne, 28-30 June 2024

Hi Amy and Tom,

It was a pleasure to speak with you and hearing about all your exciting wedding plans! Your plans for a weekend celebrating in the French countryside will be beautiful and it would be my pleasure to capture it for you.

This webpage will act as a central source of all information if you choose to book, keeping everything you need in one place. For now, it includes a main proposal, plus some additional options that might be of interest, along with some further information about my approach to capturing your wedding.

As I mentioned when we spoke, both the main proposal and additional options are inclusive of all travel costs, so everything is clearly set out. If you decide to book or think of any further questions, you can drop me an email or use the contact form below.

All the best,


"It was an absolute joy to be photographed by Jamie. He has such an artistic eye and made us feel comfortable and natural in front of his camera. He captured very special moments that will be cherished forever."


Investment Proposal - £6200

Based on what we've discussed, this provides full coverage for all three days of your wedding celebrations, by myself and my second photographer. This allows us to capture everything from your welcome event on Friday through to your pool party on Sunday.

We will spend two hours with you and your closest friends and family on Friday afternoon/evening at the vineyard, capturing you enjoying local wines and exploring the vineyard. This would also be the perfect time for some couples portraits amongst the vines too!

On your wedding day itself, we will be with you for ten hours, capturing your full wedding day. We'll arrive in the morning, capturing your gorgeous venue and all your wedding details, alongside your preparations - I'll be with Amy whilst my second photographer will spend the morning with Tom. From your ceremony onwards, we will come together to capture the story of your wedding. Having a second photographer is something I would highly recommend, as it enables us to tell so much more of the story of your wedding day. Ten hours coverage is generally perfect to capture everything through to your first dance and a couple of hours on the dance floor.

On Sunday, we'll then join you for another two hours to capture your pool party. This sort of event is always such a joy to capture, giving you an additional set of images as newlyweds.

Your wedding gallery will contain a minimum of 700 images, but I don't specify an upper limit. After your wedding, I review each image, and edit every image I think you'll love in my signature style. I know how exciting it is to receive your images, so I will send you a handful of images within 48 hours of your wedding. Your full gallery will then be ready within eight weeks.

Your images will be delivered through a private online gallery, which allows you to view, download and share with your friends and family. I'm a strong believer in printing images, so will also send you a handful of fine art prints once your gallery is complete.


Welcome Event/Pool Party

Including coverage of your welcome event and pool party are such great ways to capture memories throughout your wedding weekend. If you decide to remove coverage of either the welcome event or pool party, this would reduce the price by £1000, to £5200.


Second Shooter

Booking my team allows us to capture so much more of your wedding story and I would highly recommend including one. If you decide more reduced coverage with just me would be right for your wedding, this would reduce the price by £1400, to £4800.


Additional coverage

If you would decide that more than 10 hours coverage would be perfect, this would be £300 per hour. If you're unsure, I would suggest setting 10 hours at this stage, and we can always increase it if needed once we finalise your timeline.

£300 per hour

Pre-wedding session

Something we didn't chat about on the phone was a pre-wedding shoot. It can be great to capture some memories closer to home ahead of your destination wedding - London in particular has so many beautiful locations to choose from.

£300 per hour

"Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second"

March Riboud


It would be a joy to capture your wedding day.

If you're ready to go ahead and confirm your booking, please complete the form below and I'll prepare your booking form. Once this is complete and I've received an initial 40% payment, your booking is confirmed!

I take on a maximum of 15 weddings each year, and every one of those booking is a true privilege. Taking on such a limited number of weddings means I can commit fully to those 15.

All the best,

Let me know if you'd like to confirm with your proposal as-is, or adapt it at all.

My approach

Your wedding day is such a special moment and being invited to capture it isn't something I take lightly. It's so important to choose the right wedding photographer for you. Therefore, I like to briefly explain my approach.

My love of photography and passion for weddings stem from my desire to capture moments that are beautifully elegant, whilst authentically reflecting the true moment.

I'm inspired by a love of light and my passion for travel. Both at weddings and in everyday life, I'm always seeking beautiful scenes and fleeting moments to capture. I am constantly inspired by my couples, and approach each wedding as the unique celebration it is.

I believe that authentic, elegantly captured moments are the essence of wedding photography and my approach reflects this. Capturing your wedding day is about creating images for you to cherish that are elegant whilst also authentically reflecting your relationship. Over time, I have refined an approach that allows me to capture your relationship in all its beauty, and provide you with a gallery of timeless images that tells your love story; heirlooms for you to treasure for generations to come.

Part of my role as your wedding photographer is to act as your "creative director". For aspects of your day such as your couples portraits and bridal preparation, I work with you to create images beautiful images that capture your natural reactions. Through many hours spent with a camera in hand, I have developed an eye for the best locations to capture images. My approach revolves around positioning you elegantly in flattering light, and then leaving the moment to unfold naturally. I have found that this approach creates moments that are graceful and truly reflect your personalities, allowing me to create a beautiful gallery for you that celebrates your relationship.

Of course, there are certain parts of the day that I capture from the sidelines as they unfold naturally, and I always favour the perfect moment over the perfect pose, ensuring I don't intrude on these important moments. My role as your photographer is to ensure I am capturing elegant, timeless imagery that you will love, allowing your focus to remain on celebrating your wedding day with each other and your friends and family.

I firmly believe that every love story deserves to be captured and cherished, and work with couples of all gender and sexual identities, ethnicities and religions.